23 Day Meal Plan

Thanks to Nanny Goat, I found a solution to the reoccurring question for Thomas and me of “What’s for dinner?”  Now that I’m working full-time (I know 25 and the first time I’ve every worked full-time, kind of crazy) I don’t want to have to come home and decide what’s for dinner. 

Check out Nanny Goat’s blog if you have that same issue.  Here’s how mine turned out:




Although there’s a clear tutorial on how to make the box so the card fits, I did it wrong.  Sometimes I don’t really read directions.  So, my box is a bit small so the cards have to fit at an angle.  My mom’s old real estate calendar magnets are getting good use.  I used them for James & Grace’s chore charts and the recipe box.

The beauty of this plan: you can stock up on what you know you need based on the master spread sheet you make in the beginning, you don’t have to do anything but flip the card and take out the meat to thaw (unless it’s a crock pot meal), and it’s quick and easy.  We may eventually get tired of these 23 meals, but I’m sure we’ll add more as we go.  I mean, until 3 nights ago, Thomas and I didn’t know we liked saffron rice.  We’re branching out!

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Anonymous said...

I imagine you're also glad I'm not suggesting pizza every night too.