T-Shirt Hat

So Thomas and I have about a bajillon t-shirts. Many of them come from church functions over the past few years.

About 8 months ago, I began using Google reader to get some craft blogs on a regular basis. U Create is one of the main ones from which I glean ideas because she points you to tons of other blogs. One of the first ideas I marked that I wanted to try was this t-shirt hat.

Well, while watching the Steelers play the Ravens today, I thought I’d whip up the hat. You ready for the end result?

photo (3)You should definitely check out U Create if you like to craft. There are many suggestions of ways you can up-cycle t-shirts. Here’s one I want to do for some upcoming babies: T-shirt bibs

In the coming months, I also what to try to make a t-shirt quilt. I’ve found a tutorial that I think I might could follow, wish I had some quilting experience though. If you know of a more step-by-step tutorial for a t-shirt quilt please let me know.


Megan U said...

So cute!!! I definitely want to try to make one!

Leigh said...

It is so cute Trinity! Awesome idea! Let me know how the quilt goes!

Erin said...

You know I'm not crafty...so could I send all ML's favorite but too small t-shirts to you and let you practice. Hats, quilts...whatever....