Pillow Case Dress

My sewing project has finally come to fruition! For over six months I've been saying I was going to make my niece a pillow case dress. I've had this tutorial marked for months, and bought my thrift store cases about the time I began saying I was going to make them. Well my niece's 5 year-old birthday party is today, so yesterday and today, I buckled down and here are the results:

This little beauty was actually the second dress I made and is my favorite because of the colors. However, Alana will like the next dress better, since blue is her favorite color.

This is the top of the blue dress. The ties are smaller and a little longer on this dress. The straps are about 1/2 an inch wide. On the pink dress they are closer to an inch.

The tutorial didn't include this detail. After cutting out the arm holes I had some extra fabric and decided to combine it with some seam binding to make a little pocket.
And here's dress number two. She's pretty cute if I do say so myself!

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