Health Care

So, I am the first to admit I do not read. I do not know a lot of what goes on around the world because I often do not read the news. However, I have recently seen the persons I am friends with and follow through social media make uneducated or simply inappropriate comments on health care.

I say these comments I have seen are inappropriate because they make claims that are untrue or are focused on the law makers and not the bill. I understand that our government officials are far from perfect, they are after all human like us, however I prefer to focus on the good that is coming, and I believe will come from this stepping stone for health care. I call it a stepping stone because I think much reform will continue to occur based off of this bill.

Just this once, I am going to read. I encourage you to do the same if you haven't because I believe it will help us all to know what is in the health care bill and how it will help those in our communities and maybe even us. A good starting place for reading on the bill is the White House's website.


FreezeDriedGator said...

Trinity, I agree with your assessment of the situation in that people need to read, but I would encourage everyone to read over not only healthcare bill, but also to research a lot of the information on both sides of this issue. As someone who just elected to drop my private health coverage because it was going to be nearly $500 a month for a 38 year-old non-smoker, I've been appalled by the lack of intelligence and basic competence by lawmakers of both sides of this issue. When one factors in the court jesters on both sides of this in the media, then it is easy to see how almost all of the American populace has failed to see the proverbial man-behind-the-curtain.

Now, we are left with an exorbitantly expensive piece of federal spending that essentially fixes nothing and increases entitlements while creating a wake the allow some complete morons to get into office just because they can tap into people's emotions about the issue. The insurance companies (incidentally the biggest donors to the Democrats) and the pharmaceutical companies (some of the biggest donors to the Republicans) are the only ones that benefit from this bill. They collect the proceeds while the nation sinks further into debt. The American Medical Association begs for tort reform, which the Democrats won't give because of the staggering amount of support from trial lawyers. The entire medical industry screams for health insurance regulation, which the Republicans won't give because of their vast support from massive corporate interests.

Lawyers and corporations have controlled the entire process and now the federal government has implemented a way to enforce their respective agendas through a bill that essentially enslaves everybody in one way or another.

How many people are aware that while this healthcare thing was going-on that the current administration slipped through an extension of SEVERAL Bush-era policies, including an extension of the Patriot Act? I think that the Who said it best when they said, "...say 'hello' to the new boss, same as the old boss."

Benjamin Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." This bill, along with a lot of other things coming out of Washington, goes a long way towards leading us down this road. Both parties and the media are using some very sophisticated methods to play us all against each other while they turn us into sheep.

Trinity is right! Read this bill...and then find a list of everything that has been passed through Congress in the last 18 months and read that, too. Then, find a non-partisan source that tracks the legislation of this and the last 2 Presidential Administrations. Read the bills, read the Congressional records, read the Special Committee reports and you will find that the biggest illusionist act in America isn't in Vegas...it is in Washington.

FreezeDriedGator said...

I just wanted to follow-up with some links for informed disclosure.

First, look at the breakdowns from the 2008 election for BOTH parties:


Wow, look at how much the Republicans received from the insurance, finance, and real estate sector. Kind of hard to regulate the insurance/financial industry when they brought you to the dance.


Astounding, another big chunk from the insurance, finance, and real estate sector. Also, 3 times the amount of money that the Republicans received from lawyers...no wonder no Democrat would support tort reform with this health bill.

How many of these people benefited from the bailout? How influential is Goldman Sachs in the Federal Reserve and current administration? Look it up.




That's odd...some of these financial corporations are on both lists.

Trinity is right, we all need to read...because we have been scammed. The only way that they can get away with this if for us to keep choosing sides and fighting each other. We truly have the best government that these special interests have been able to afford.n